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This is an AWESOME site! You pick everything that you currently have in your fridge and cabinets and it will provide you recipe’s based on what you have!!


Wet Feet – Research employers and find out the truth about them!
Stink Bug Trap – Make a stink bug trap! – Recipes, swaps, new healthy products, etc! Her newsletter is fabulous!

Great website where you earn points to buy stuff from Amazon! The points even pay for shipping. You can get anything from pencils to video games, movies, and more! I’ve got over 500 pts. I just created a separate e-mail and have all the offers sent there so that it doesn’t clog my main e-mail! Copy and paste the link below if you’re interested.

Here are a few sites I’ve come across that I find useful or interesting!

Letters from Santa – Get free letters from Santa Claus for your children.

Free Samples – Lots of free samples you can sign up for!

You Parked Like a Jackass – Hilarious site!

Rehash – trade your stuff for other things.

Salary Calculator – Calculate your salary among other things like mortgage, interest, etc.

365 Project – Document your life over a period of 365 days and share it with the world

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