Silence. exploited innocence. the wind breezes through my hair as the very last breath I will ever feel from you carresses my skin. My heart deteriorates as I lose the only love I didn’t love. Perpetuated screams, diamond plated tears, my eyes disintegrate into my skull. Last seen rummaging through the pages of the pieces of my heart. Holding me with no profound emotion. As an easy way to cope with our dying love, you passed your heart on hoping they could reimburse the void that leads to the gates of Hell. Beat the hurt from the pulp of an everlasting contradiction. She forces her predictions and concerns into a problem that she knows nothing about. Prestige is her only motivation. Endless words pour from her vocal cords as I confuse the outlets to her mind. “Does he REALLY love me?” she repeats to herself. There was a time when this repetition played back to my heart. All was forgotten, conveyed to the devil, and tossed away into the dying blue flame of a confused young man’s heart. Succombing to an endless desire to be happy, I moved on while the insides of his body still yearn for the girl who once loved him.